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I Can’t Hear You When You Whine

“A 2011 study published in Journal of Social, Evolutionary, and Cultural Psychology found kids’ whining to be more distracting than the sound of a screeching table saw to parents.” (August 2015, Real According to that same research, whining starts when kids begin to talk and, sadly, adults are wired to respond to it. Whining peaks at preschool and lessens when kids start school and learn about tempering their emotions … Continue reading

It’s Not the Change; It’s the Transition

August has arrived and before you know it kids will be starting a new school year. That means they’ll experience a change – typically a new teacher and possibly a new school. We believe the tough part is not the change; it’s the transition. The discovery that the transition was worse than the actual change came from personal experience. W hen our eldest son was hired as an assistant coach … Continue reading

Helicopter Parenting – Take 2

Helicopter parenting makes the news again. In case you’ve forgotten about the phenomenon of helicopter parenting, here’s a quick refresher.  Basically it is the over involvement of parents in their kids’ lives. Helicopter parents make important decisions for their children when the kids are completely able to make them. These parents intervene in conflicts and try to solve any and all problems their kids encounter. As a result of the … Continue reading

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