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7 Choices that Can Derail an Adult Conversation

7 Choices that Can Derail AN ADULT CONVERSATION   The Definition of an Adult Conversation  – The process of unemotionally sharing information with another person in order to communicate effectively. You can DERAIL an adult conversation by: #1 – Choosing to deliver your message with an angry, frustrated, or generally disagreeable tone or body language. Research shows that words are only 6% of the message that is heard. Body language … Continue reading

Do You Remember?

Want to instill better coping skills and problem-solving abilities in your kids? The key might be encouraging them to reminisce and share stories about their day. There’s a link between the ability to recall memories from daily life and important competencies. According to Robyn Fivush, a psychology professor at Emory University in Atlanta and an author of dozens of studies on the topic, “Our personal memories define who we are. … Continue reading

Worrying Child

It’s time for a listener question. “My 4-year-old son is very sensitive and worries quite a bit.  Do you have any suggestions for helping him overcome this?” One thing Mom can do is to create a prayer box.  Have him help you decorate a small box with stickers or pictures he’s colored. Explain that if something is worrying him he can tell you and you’ll write down his concern. Then … Continue reading

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