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Why Didn’t It Work?

   Truths and Consequences At seminars and conferences we do our best to make ourselves available for questions when we leave the platform.  Here’s one we recently received after we spoke about parenting a strong-willed child. “Our strong-willed son misbehaved and I took away his I-pad for 24 hours.  The consequence was effective.  When I took his I-Pad for 2 days it also modified his behavior.  Weeks later my husband … Continue reading

Should I Let Junior Win?

  Kids like to play games and it’s great when they can play them with their parents. But the age-old question is this, “Should Mom and Dad let the kids win?” There are several factors parents need to consider.  In other words, there is no simple answer. Some parents might view letting their child win as a way to build that child up and support him. On the other hand, … Continue reading

I Can’t Hear You When You Whine

“A 2011 study published in Journal of Social, Evolutionary, and Cultural Psychology found kids’ whining to be more distracting than the sound of a screeching table saw to parents.” (August 2015, Real According to that same research, whining starts when kids begin to talk and, sadly, adults are wired to respond to it. Whining peaks at preschool and lessens when kids start school and learn about tempering their emotions … Continue reading

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