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Resisting Temptation

“People who excel at resisting temptation might have a secret strategy,” says a study reported in the journal of Personality and Individual Differences. “They deliberately avoid situations in which their self-control might fail.” * This research speaks directly to parents. When kids are young it’s important for parents to protect them from situations where they’ll be tempted to make a poor decision. A simple example is the child who is … Continue reading

“You don’t love me!”

We recently received this question from a listener.  “When my son does something he knows he shouldn’t do and I correct him, he tells me I’m mean and that I don’t love him.  That is untrue and makes me feel horrible.  What should I do?” It’s important to understand why this young man choosing to say something that’s not true.  His goal is to simply to manipulate his mom. He … Continue reading

Financially Supporting Adult Children

We have a question from a listener. “How long should we as parents financially bail out our adult son?” The first step is to determine what initially caused this young man’s need for continued financial help. Many times kids will need some help with their finances while in college or when they first move out of their parents’ home. One obvious possibility for additional assistance is a circumstance beyond his … Continue reading

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