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The Peril of the Picky Eater   Getting children to eat healthy foods can be a battle. Some parents, tired of this struggle, have resorted to hiring “picky-eater coaches.” In case that’s not in your budget, “Parenting Coaches” John & Kendra Smiley can help you win the food war. Are you surprised to discover the existence of Picky eater coaches?  What’s the old saying?  “Find a need and fill it.”  … Continue reading

Alpha Moms/Beta Moms   The title “Alpha Moms” came into being several years ago.  It has been followed by a new classification, “Beta Moms.” Let’s take a look at these 2 styles of parenting. Let’s start with a general definition of both. The title Alpha Mom seems to be a simple modernization of the term Helicopter Mom. It comes from the idea of an Alpha Male or Alpha Female – … Continue reading

He Made Me Do It!

“He made me do it!”  As a parent I’m certain those words are familiar.  Our boys used that excuse with me plenty of times until I finally got smart. “He made me do it!” one of them would wail, desperately hoping I’d shift my attention to his brother. “No, you chose to do it.  I realize your brother may have coerced or threatened you.  I’ll talk to him next.  Right … Continue reading

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