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Financially Supporting Adult Children

We have a question from a listener. “How long should we as parents financially bail out our adult son?” The first step is to determine what initially caused this young man’s need for continued financial help. Many times kids will need some help with their finances while in college or when they first move out of their parents’ home. One obvious possibility for additional assistance is a circumstance beyond his … Continue reading

Know When to Hold ‘Em…

Parenting is not an easy job. Perhaps one of the more difficult things a parent must do is to decide what battles to fight. * The first rule of the road is to only tackle issues that are truly important. I (Kendra) remember when I decided that arguing over what to wear to church was not important. As long as the child was dressed within acceptable parameters, Sunday-best was not … Continue reading

7 Choices that Can Derail an Adult Conversation

7 Choices that Can Derail AN ADULT CONVERSATION   The Definition of an Adult Conversation  – The process of unemotionally sharing information with another person in order to communicate effectively. You can DERAIL an adult conversation by: #1 – Choosing to deliver your message with an angry, frustrated, or generally disagreeable tone or body language. Research shows that words are only 6% of the message that is heard. Body language … Continue reading

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